Garden Cut® Specialty Items

Garden CutWe are proud to partner with Garden Cut®, a company that specializes in made-to-order processing of fresh fruits, vegetables, and specialty packs. The Garden Cut® label will help you distinguish yourself from the competition with more than 400 products to choose from including:

  • Staple items of the fresh-cut category such as lettuce, onion, peppers, apples and melon.
  • Unique produce such as parsnip coins or peeled and quartered butternut squash.
  • Certified organic processing facility with a full selection of retail and food service items.
  • Kosher-certified produce and facility to meet the growing demands of this market segment.
  • Customer-specified products such as stir-fry blends and fajita mixes.

Why use Garden Cut®?

  • Reduce labor costs
  • Minimize product shrink
  • Minimize your food-safety liability
  • Receive custom packaging
  • Extensive line of fruit and vegetable products
  • Customizable items available upon request

Garden Cut® helps retailers and food service companies achieve these benefits by taking production out of their back rooms. Garden Cut® adheres to the principals of HACCP and all employees are trained in safe food-handling practices. In addition to numerous state, federal and local inspections, the Garden Cut® facility is inspected by a 3rd party auditor, ASI Food Safety Consultants. ASI audits Garden Cut® unannounced twice a year to assess their facility and they have always maintained a rating of “Excellent” or higher.
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